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Nebula file exporter for Nebula 1

DEPRECATED only working for old Nebula 1! This part is no longer supported. For an up to date exporter head over to the download section OR have a look at the nebula cvs repository in the contributed modules section.

Directories of File exporter The file exporter for 3D Studo MAX is based on the ascii exporter shipped with the maxsdk. The final version will export meshes, materials, bone-animations, blend animations and create scripts to load the exported objects int Nebula.

The Exporter will create a file to import the scene in nebula and a whole directory structure with directories for shaders, meshes, scripts and textures. The shader directory will contain the standard-shader. Meshes is the directory to take all .n3d mesh definitions. In the script directory you can find scripts (.n files) to create the objects in nebula. One script file for each group in max, or each mesh object. The textures bitmaps will be copied from max into the texture directory.

Animations will get also an own directory but will be handled when time will come. As you can see it can get handy to group meshes so they will become a hierarchy of n3dnodes. Thus you can build a house consisting of many objects, grouped together in max, and grouped together under one hierarchy in Nebula. Naming of groups in Nebula is the same as in Max.

You can download the exporter here (3.1 version)

November 2001

Decided to stop the exporter at it's current stadium. Anybody interrested in the code can mail me. The tool exports static meshes (v n t's) for models with texture coordinates and creates a script to load the scene into nebula. Only a shader dummy is provided which should be changed thereafter. You are free to do whatever you want with the code. The code is for MAX 3.1 but can be adopted for 4.2. and 5 easily.

October 2001

Started testing the exported scripts and already found a bug. The names of the objects must be without whitespaces, Nebula can't handle objects in the scripting language separated by whitespaces. So there's a new file and testing goes on.. Image of File exporter

September 2001

Decided to use one texture from max and not to create shaders from the material information given. Floh from Radonlabs stated they add custom shaders for the objects in a following step. So the only thing to do is finish the material export and leave all objects with a standard_shader. After this step work will freeze on the exporter until the screensaver is finished.

July 2001

Finished exporting of geometry. Objects and groups are saved as .n3d files. As this is an in development. At the end of each .n3d file the material used is writte. Only one material will be supported.

The scripts to create the scene in Nebula are not finished and full of debug messages for materials.

Something missing? Mail to cc

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