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Now here: The nebula named hierarchy browser v0.7

DEPRECATED only working for old Nebula 1! This part is no longer supported. Please wait for the nebula eclipse project.

This is a screenshot of the nebula named hierarchy browser (version 0.7 as shown in the titlebar). You not only can browser the hierarchy graph but now also change node properties! Each node is represented by an own icon showing its class and name and you can also add you own icons dynamically. A pane at the right side shows the properties of the actually selected node which you can also change. The design of the hierarchy browser again relies on dynamic extensions to support integration for you own node property display code. The browser is for free use so don't hesitate to change or adapt it for your own use.
Future milestones will support this:
  • 0.8
    Suports creation of new nodes in the hierarchy, loading and saving of scenes.

  • 0.9
    Scene manipulation code like moving scaling, rotation etc. for scene building

  • 1.0
    not planed so far, but anything you'd wish might go here...

This tool requires Bwidget 1.3.1 or newer which you can get here : Sourceforge Bwidget

Download: Nebula named hierarchy browser v0.7 (ca. 11 KB)

Here's a short description also found in the Readme.txt file comming with the zipfile.

Open and close nodes as you would normal folders. IF YOU CHANGE BETWEEN DEMOS then colapse the tree back to only the root node, otherwise you will get errors of missing nodes. So just go some levels up, or collaps the tree at the root node and expand again. It will actualize the tree structure with every collapse/expande click.


You can add or replace images for node items. Just create a gif image of the desired node (for example njoint) name the gif as the node is called (for example njoint.gif for a njoint node) and place it into the bmp directory of the browser. The only image which has to be present is general.gif. Please NEVER remove this one as it will be taken for all nodes without a present gif image. (But you can replace it by something you'd like) The images I made are 16 x 13 gif images with one color transparent.

You can add or replace node scripts for node properties. A new node script must be named after the node it should represent (for example njoint.tcl for a njoint node) and place it into the nodes directory of the browser. The node must have the following procedures declared:

node::read { w obj } {}
node::write { obj file } {}
node::new { w obj } {}
node::update { w obj } {}

Read is called when the node is selected and should display his properties. Parameter w is empty and can be filled with labels, frames, etc.
Write is for future use when a tree will be saved from this node starting on to filename file.
New is also for future use and will be called to fill a new node obj with properties of the ::read created widgets passed by w.
Update sets the properties of a node obj with the widgets created by ::read. Remember to either delete the old widgets or update the entries of the existing widgets.

You can find examples for the use of plugin files by comparing nroot.tcl and n3dnode.tcl

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