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Second release of MD2 Interpolator

The image below was taken on nebula 1 but is still valid for nebual2. The source is included in the download file, no precompiled version anymore.

Nebula 2 implementation

The nebula 2 implementation has all features the nebula 1 version had plus normal computation on startup. From the md2 model data vertices, textures and normals are read and passed into a single nebula2 mesh. Each animation frame is defined as one group inside the mesh. Multiple groups define an animation sequence. An animations file is no longer written, for debugging the animation sequences are written out to console window. The displayed animation starts with the first animation sequence found in the quake 2 files, which normally is the idle animation. The model included in the goblin downloaded at Source is included with water packge for conveniance:

Nebula 1 implementation

Here it is the first release of the md2 quake model interpolator for nebula. As the source of nebula 1 is no longer maintained this code has only historic value. Most of the comunity members switched over to nebula 2. You can download the source, and models (ca. 450 kb) or a precompiled WINDOWS version (ca. 4.5 MB). Sorry, I only work with windows. But you can easily download the source and compile it by yourself. So far it only lacks precaching and normal computation code.

Any comments are welcome...

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