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Somehow I fell in love with java. And one of the nice things with java is the jmonkeyengine. A very nice 3d engine with features most other 3d engines do not even provide. And the benefit, it's java.

So what's here for you?

Universal animation system

screenshot of an animated character based on input values and buttons for one time actions. Based on Game AI Wisdom 2 Animation Selection by Chris Heckers
Provided here is an animation system which allows control of multi channel animations by means of simple actions and input values. Transitions between animations are also supported. It is not an animation library. The animation system sits on top af any lower level implementation and directing the execution of such a low level system. Currently a JMonkeyengine 2 implementation is provided as an example.
You can grab the source for the universal animation system here (ca. 22 KB) or view a video of the system using the jme 2 ninja example (ca. 15.1 MB)

Model assembler demo with source

screenshot of several slightly different looking goblin models Similar to MTW2 I created a system which tries to create a veriety of looks from a small set of base items. One model is created with different meshes for different body parts. Models are based on common skeletons. Animations are created on the base skeleton. The animations are aligned along the weapons the models should use, each weapon type an own animation set (helbards, swords, maces, etc.). Each animation set sports the same animations (stand_a_idle, advance, etc..).
For more details have a look at the readme.txt in the sources. You can grab the Eclipse project sources right here (ca. 7.3 MB) which also include an updated universal animation system for jme3 or try the java webstart model assembey demo (ca. 16.1 MB) (Java 1.6+ required)

NavMesh demo with source

screenshot of a navigation mesh displaying a start and a goal and the red path dots from start to end. I ported Greg Snooks navigation mesh algorithm from the Game Programming Gems book I to java and jme. It is quite a copy'n paste job, with just writing up the example. You can grab the source right here (ca. 32 KB) or try the java webstart Navigation demo (ca. 2.3 MB) (Java 1.5+ required)

Jme based client for the free L2J server

screenshot of a character logged in into l2jserver in the elf starting area, though all entities

 are rendered as trolls This is a Jmonkeyengine based client for the original free available java Lineage 2 Server: l2jServer. This is work in progress though. The source for the client is also available in case you would like to replace stuff like renderer or just want to have a look how a l2j client might work. The graphics are ugly as hell, be warned, as this is only a techdemo to show off, what is possible at all with java.
This is the L2J Epilogue Client A java runtime client distribution of a l2jserver compatible client.
And this is the L2J Epilogue Client source The java sources of the l2j client above. You can also view a video of the lineage 2 java client in action.

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WoW Importer for Max
The World of Warcraft tool for 3D Studio has been updated. It now converts model files from WoW Client version 2.x (upto 2.7) and displays correct animations for multi mesh models. The script can be found here....
nGUI explained
If you ever wanted some more details on the nebula2 nGUI System you can find it in the nGUI System article.
Mangalore entity ID's
If you need information about the mangalore entity ID usage have a look here..
Mangalore Articles
Added a new section about the mangalore game framework from radonlabs. The section contains some articles about my experience with mangalore. Read more here:
Free models
Finally some free models for the Radonlabs SDK. You can download them here.