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World of Warcraft M2 Model importer 3 for 3D Studio Max 9

This is an update to the previous script. The script has been modified to be running on max 9. In addition it now supports loading models from the burning crusade patches (versions 2.x to 2.7 of the client). Models with submeshes (like the banshee) will now load and animate correctly. The code is provided as is without any warranties. Use at your own risk.

You can find some other needfull thing like a wow model viewer on www.wowmodelviewer.org

If you downloaded the code before 3. of August 2009, then please update to the new release down here.

Downloads the max script WoWM2ImportVer2.6.4.ms

GMax import script in action with a horse loaded

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WoW Importer for Max
The World of Warcraft tool for 3D Studio has been updated. It now converts model files from WoW Client version 2.x (upto 2.7) and displays correct animations for multi mesh models. The script can be found here....
nGUI explained
If you ever wanted some more details on the nebula2 nGUI System you can find it in the nGUI System article.
Mangalore entity ID's
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Mangalore Articles
Added a new section about the mangalore game framework from radonlabs. The section contains some articles about my experience with mangalore. Read more here:
Free models
Finally some free models for the Radonlabs SDK. You can download them here.