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Mangalore game framework

From the mangalore documentation:

Mangalore is a C++ class framework which simplifies the 

development of realtime 3d game applications with a 

player-controlled character and autonomous game entities 

roaming the 3d world. Mangalore also defines a common project

directory structure and adds an integrated modelling/animation

leveldesign environment to Maya.

Mangalore builds on top of Nebula2 for low level services 

like rendering, audio, input and scene graph management.

The Mangalore layer model looks like this:


    |         APPLICATION              |

    |           +----------------------+

    |           |       MANGALORE      |


    |           NEBULA 2               |


    |         Host Platform            |


Mangalore and the actual Mangalore application are shielded

by Nebula2 from the underlying host system. This means that 

usually, a Mangalore application can be ported to a new platform 

just by porting Nebula2.

The surrounding pages provide some more in depth information about the mangalore framework based on the experience gained by working on games based on mangalore.

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