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Exporting model data for the official Radonlabs SDK release is at the moment mostly done with the commercial Maya Exporter provided by Radonlabs. As the company has no interrest in an official 3D Studio Max support I decided to port the actual community release to the radonlabs SDK. As I am using Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition I have only project files for VS8.

The nmax contrib module found in the community cvs needs some adaption to support the radonlabs SDK. You can read some details about the changes below or download the module directly. The software is provided in a package containing the complete adjusted files based on the radonlabs SDK from december 2005.

From the readme

The package contains all files from the nmax community module and the changes needed in the Radonlabs SDK. I assume the maxsdk and the necessary prerequisites to compile the radonlabs sdk are already met. You can grab the radonlabs SDK (including mangalore) from the bruces website. First you should be sure the SDK does compile already without the package. Thereafter to get it running save your files first :-) Extract the package into the SDK directory. The nmaxtoolbox is added to the nebulalib solution. On startup you should check the library paths. I included a VS8 compiled version of the sqlite library as I had some problems with the one in the nebula directory of the SDK.

File Adjustments

The configuration file has some new entries for color, tangent export and actuallized the path to be in bin/win32 (no debug in RL). Don't forget to change the directory to your radonlabs SDK in the nmaxtoolbox.ini

Changed BinaryPath to production not debug and added flags for color and tanget export

The code has problems with the nramfile used in previewmode so I would not use it at the moment. Although it is derived from nfile it does not call the overrided functions in nramfile :-(

I removed the bool parameter code for the shader, RL does not have bool parameters, they are all export=0 anyway so I added code not to export such attributes.

Removed attachment reference and color flag for vertex flags. You get nasty errors if colors are left in place. Attachments are handled by the mangalore part in the RL SDK, so no need for it.

Added some minor changes to the notetrack stuff to use the RL string code and be able to use own added animations in the note track of max. You can do this by adding a notetrack to the mesh and add at a key the information for the animation name (run walk,etc.) and in the next row of the note the duration of the animation to be played.

Changed path to resource file for pluginlibs files. Rotations in radonlabs SDK use euler and not quaternion rotations, so this had to be changed too. Added niniprefserver as this is needed for the plugincfg file, changed returncode of Append in to return the base group index. Changed nsting.h to the nebula functions used in the plugins, also changed the usage from ushort to uint. Added the niniprefserver to the nebula package.

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